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right now, nba player, alon tay west is in court facing weapons charges. deadly accident, a construction worker is killed early this morning when he is crushed between two dump trucks. a leak is fixed but bp has still not restarted the testing process on the new cap. "news 4 midday" begins right now. good morning. welcome to "news 4 midday." i'm eun yang in for barbara harrison. thursday, july 16th, 2010.
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cleveland cavalier's player, delonte west is in a courtroom expected to make a plea deal for his weapons charges. tracee wilkins has a video you will see first on 4. cleveland cavalier's player, delonte west, who is from our area. he played high school basketball for eleanor roosevelt high school in greenbelt. tracee wilkins has more. >> reporter: nba star, de lon tay west, entered a side entrance at the courthouse for his court appearance on weapons charges. he refused to comment before the hearing. this video released today by the prince george's county state's attorney office shows the dashboard camera of the prince george's county police officer who pulled west over last september on the beltway. it shows him weaving in out and of his lane on a motorcycle. he was pulled over for rec less driving. when they did that, west informed police that he was armed. the video shows officers taking
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weflt down. police say they recovered a 9-millimeter beretta, a ruger 357 magnum and a 12-gauge shot gun in a guitar case on his back. he also had an 8.5 inch bowing knife in his possession. the guns were loaded and he was carrying extra ammunition. he is originally from the washington area. a guard for the cavaliers. he now lives in brandywine. >> that was tracee wilkins reporting. we are learning more about a tragic accident overnight. a construction worker killed when he was caught between two dump trucks. it happened during a paving project on the beltway. megan mcgrath reports from forestville. >> reporter: it is a reminder of how dangerous overnight work zones can be.
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people can get distracted. that happened at a work zone on pennsylvania avenue near the beltway in forestville. investigators say that 27-year-old william davis was standing on the step that leads up to the cab of his dump truck. for some reason, he then leaned inside the cab of the truck. at the same time, a second dump truck backed up alongside him. >> a second dump truck was moving in the area, slowly moving. was backing up and backed up into the driver's side door pinning the subject between the rear of the dump truck and driver's side door and he succumbed to his injuries this morning. >> the investigation continues here. it is unclear whether any charges will be filed against the driver who was involved, the driver of that second dump truck. this is a paving project going on here. davis did not work for maryland state highway but rather a subcontractor involved in the project.
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in forestville, megan mcgrath, news 4. >> davis is from briantown, maryland. jerry edwards joins us with the latest in traffic. good morning, to you and everyone. a lot of road works and hefty delays because of it. virginia, northbound i-95 to the outer loop of the beltway, look very carefully. two lanes. the left lane is closed and traffic is quite slow because of it. there is also on southbound 95 headed to newington,there, the right lane is blocked delays leaving the capital beltway. maryland, on the outer loop, greenbelt road, left side of the roadway blocked. delays from north on route 50. the good news is, if you are headed southbound, the inner loop, no worries there. travel lanes are open. eun? thank you. taking a live look outside. it is 91 degrees at 11:04. we have sunshine. with this humidity, you know we
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are going to be burning out there. >> everybody that's come into the office this morning has passed by my desk. wendy rieger included and jim hanley included. you know, it is really miserably hot outside. thank you for the report. i appreciate that. nothing like a little ground troops to verify. >> this is the complaint department. your weatherman. it comes with the territory. >> it certainly does. you said a mouthful there, eun. >> outside, on a thursday, late morning, almost lunchtime, temperatures are jumping up fast with that july sunshine out there. an abundance of haze around the area. here is a look from our tower camera. can you find the jefferson memorial in that picture, just to the right of the washington monument, about three or four inches on your screen. he is hiding there under the haze and the steamyness and humidity that we are all enduring with today. area of low pressure that brought us the appreciated rain showers yesterday is now off the jersey coast and moving away. temperatures are jumping up really quickly.
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we are 88 national airport. 90 degrees here at the friendly peacock in northwest washington. heat index values are climbing into the mid-90s from washington southbound through stafford and fredericksburg down to richmond, heat index, 95. this is going to be the case for today and unfortunately for tomorrow, be ready for more serious summer weather around here. sunshine, heat, humidity. highs today, low to mid-90s. heat index close to 100 today. over 100 tomorrow. the weekend looks a touch cooler. we will give you that forecast coming up. >> we will look forward to it. new today, police are investigating an early morning home invasion and shooting in prince george's county. it happened after midnight in an apartment complex in the 3900 block of southern avenue. someone forcefully entered the apartments. one man was shot twice. he was taken to the hospital. no word on his condition. police are still looking for suspects. police are searching for
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suspects after a young man was gunned down outside a rec center in northeast washington. it happened around 9:30 last night on a playground outside the watts branch recreation center. the same center where a former congressional intern was murdered less than two weeks ago. witnesses say there was a large crowd gathered outside when they heard at least ten shots fired. in a panic, people started running and scattering in the streets. one young man was shot in the head and died. his name has not been released. as we mentioned, this is the second deadly shooting at the same location in less than two weeks. joshua hopkins was gunned down back on july 3rd. the 19-year-old was home for the summer after finishing his freshman year of college. he was spending his time as a congressional intern. police made an arrest in hopkins death earlier this week. police say he is dangerous and on the run. they are looking for a metro access driver accused of sexually assaulting a special needs passenger.
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he is facing a second-degree rape charge. police say he assaulted a passenger on a trip from silver spring to gaithersburg last thursday. >> it looks like a crime of opportunity. certainly, we are dealing with a perpetrator here who is considered a predator and perhaps saw an opportunity and, you know, leveraged the circumstances to his own benefit and took advantage of an innocent person. >> authorities say faas is the third metro officer charged with taking advantage of a disabled rider. he is not directly ployed by metro access. you may want to wear your work-out shoes the next time you hop on the metro. metro now says some broken escalators will not work again until the end of the month. metro say a smoke alarm caused the escalators to go out of service monday. that has forced customers to walk up and down 120 steps. right now, the 19th and "q"
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street exits have one escalator working in the up direction. they hope the "q" street side will be fixed by the end of the week. 91 degrees, does it work? coming up the latest on the new top on the busted oil well and whether it is enough to contain the gusher. the discovery made at the world trade center at new york city. maryland government, martin o'malley, joins us to talk jobs, im imagine if it were this easy to spot the good guys.
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delonte west enters a plea on weapons charges. trace swil ki tracee wilkins has the video. >> reporter: we have been told by the state attorney's office he is going to enter a guilty plea on the weapons charges. the court case is wrapping up. we are ex ekpecting to hear fro delonte west and explain to the media what happened last september. he is going to enter a guilty plea, according to the state attorney's office. this was a plea deal. he ha been convicted of carrying or a grand jury says he has been found guilt of carrying concealed weapons and transporting loaded handguns. this all happened last september on the beltway. he could have been looking at some serious jail time after police pulled him over. he was driving a three-wheeler motorcycle. we have video from the prince george's county police officer's
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dash cam showing that he was weaving in and out of lanes. after they pulled him over, we are told that west told the officer, i have guns on me. now, just over here, this is where we are expecting west to come out and make a statement to the public. also, we are expecting to hear from the state attorney's office as well. according to police, after he said, i've got guns on me, they were able to retrieve three guns, most of them loaded, also, some extra ammunition and an 8.5 inch knife. police arrested him. he was again convicted and today he has pled guilty to these charges for a sentence that will include some home monitoring for 18 months. he is also expected to undergo psychological testing and he is expected to take part in community service. i'm tracee wilkins, live this morning in upper marlboro. eun, back to you in the studio. >> thank you. to the latest in the gulf. bp says a leak which caused an overnight setback for testing,
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on its new capping system is fixed. tests should soon get underway for the cap which is meant to stop oil from rushing into the gulf. elaine r elaine reyes joins us live. >> they worked all through the night to repair it. a number of steps should still take place before the testing should begin. it could start later today. oil still flowed into the early morning hours surrounded by remote subs working around it. the subs repaired and readied the well for a series of critical tests. it followed the latest setback after a 24-hour delay. the government gave bp the green light to begin pressure testing the well. as they tried to start it, a leak was detected in one of the choke lines. >> when you close the well in, we want to make sure everything stays inside the well bore and doesn't get outside the well bore. somehow we don't end up with flow going around the pipe work. that's what this test is designed to determine.
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we don't want that to occur. >> the new capping system is a stop gap measure designed to keep the oil in the well or funnel it to ships until the relief well is done. the long-awaited testing will examine the pressure readings. some were concerned if it was done too quickly, it could make things worse. >> we have an enormous amount of measure coming to a halt immediately, very much like a train running into a brick wall and that would send the shock wave down the well bore, which could cause problems anywhere from the surface to the well bored to be in the well. >> i think in the interest of the american people, safety of the environment and this project moving forward was advisable to take a 24-hour break and make sure we are getting this right. >> reporter: high pressure is good, because it shows only a single leak. low pressure could mean more leaks farther down the well. bp expects to keep the oil trapped in the cap for 48 hours before it decides if the approach is working.
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testing is also expected to last about 48 hours from there engineers will look at the results and determine what steps to take next. eun, back to you. >> elaine reyes, thank you. the cia paid an iranian scientist more than $5 million, the same man who said he was tortured by u.s. interrogators. he claims u.s. agents kidnapped him and took him to america. he also says he was drugged and tortured. american officials deny those allegations but admit he was paid to provide intelligence on the iranian nuclear program. he does not have to return the money. since he is there and the money is here, it might be tough for him to access the account because of financial sanctions against iran. we are following a developing story this morning involving former vice president dick cheney. doctors say he will be recuperating for several weeks
11:17 am
after having a small pump inserted in his heart. he had been experiencing increasing heart failure. he received an inflatable pump to improve heart function. the surgery took place last week at a nova fairfax heart and varies cl vascular institute where he was still recovering. >> the left ventricle increases in size and becomes very weak. as a result, it is not able to pump the blood to the rest of the body. instead of the blood being pumped over shall the blood backs up and backs up to the lungs and causes congestion. people will get shorter breath. it is trying to replace this left ventricle. >> cheney has a long history of heart disease. he has suffered five heart attacks. an unexpected discovery at
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the world trade site. they found a ship dating back to the 1700s. the ship is 32-feet long. it might be part of the debris used to extend manhattan's short line in the 1700s and 1800s. crews also found a 100-pound anchor in the same area. it is unclear if it belongs to the same ship. >> the late 1700s, early 1800s, could you imagine sailing across the atlantic in a boat that small with waves that big. >> oh, my gosh. the sea sickness alone, i would have never made it across. >> and brave. that's back when you had to rely on the wind. that took a long time to get across the atlantic ocean. in the modern era, here we are sitting with heat and humidity in abundance. if you have a friend with a sail boat, a power boat or a jet ski, or an inflatable intertube, whatever you need to do, find your friends with places by the water and sa shay on up and remind them how much of a good friend you are in the cold
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weath weather season. the dew point temperature almost 100%, the misery level, which is what i determine it to be at 70% dew point. 52% humidity value. 90 degrees in frederick, maryland. 87, waldorf and la plata. 87, manassas and winchester. martinsburg and inwood, west virginia, low 80s. a steamy one for today and for tomorrow. no rain chances either. a little kurly cue to the rainfall that goes out here. that's the area of low pressure that was bringing us the light to moderate rain showers yesterday. that's off the jersey coastline and moving further away. we will lose the influence of that and eventually as that pulls away, the heat and humidity from the west and south will start moving our way. 88 here. 84 cincinnati. 88 degrees in st. louis,
11:20 am
missouri. dew point temperatures, this does not bode well for our friday. our dew points are in the upper 60s, back out to our west and down to our southwest. low to mid-70s dew point. that's the air mass coming our way. our current heat air mass, 93. 100 in st. louis and 100 on the nose in memphis, tennessee. what we are looking at is an ugly day to be outside today and tomorrow. we will get a little bit of a cooling influence as we go through the weekend. weak weather front draping down through the upper midwest. it will spark off severe weather across parts of michigan and northern india as the weather front slides ever closer to our direction. we will suffer through another scorcher tomorrow. tomorrow will be hotter and higher dew points. our heat index values which may be near 100 are likely to be over 100 degrees as we get into tomorrow. that weather front will drag its feet getting into our area as we get into the weekend and lay out
11:21 am
across southwestern and southeastern virginia. that will keep the clouds around and a risk of the shower both days this weekend. a better chance on saturday than sunday. most of your weekend is going to be dry and very useable for outdoor activities. plenty of sunshine for the rest of today. plenty of heat and humidity too. uv index very high. don't forget your sunblock. headed down to the beaches, tomorrow, sunshine and 86. saturday, a stray shower or two at the beaches. a high of 88 degrees. water temperature, 75. that's where you need to be, is in the ocean. oh, i tell you, i still think back, eun to just a week or so i was laying in the ocean thinking to myself how cool and comfortable i was and now, here i sit at work with the heat and humidity and the big sign in my office that says, complaint department, open for business. more 90s all the way through the stretch. after tomorrow, i don't think we have any more upper 90s coming our way for at least another five or six days. >> somebody needs a trip to the beach bad.
11:22 am
it is summertime. >> i am starting out with an inflatable little pool. let's head out and see how we are doing some slow going, if you are headed downtown at this hour. first, let me tell you. it is moving along slowly through the work zone. 95 southbound through newington and if you are continuing to points south, south of fredericksburg, folks might be getting an early start on the weekend. heavy traffic travel lanes are open. 395 to the 14th street bridge, this is ugly, the work zone. right lane is blocked. two lanes will get you by. it will be just above the pentagon. pretty dog-gone slow. headed across the inbound 14th street bridge. still ahead on "news 4 midday," we will have the latest on the prostitution ring busted in a suburban maryland neighborhood. hearings are taking place in
11:23 am
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come labor day, d.c.'s school chancellor, michelle reed will be hearing school bells and wedding bells. johnson told reporters the news yesterday but disclosed very few details. the only information he did let slip was where her wedding designer would come from. it turns out that d.c. is the best educated city in the nation. that's the word from a new report. nearly 47% of people in the d.c. area have college degrees. compared to 28% in the rest of the country. bridgeport, connecticut, san jose and boston rounded out the top five. 11:26 is your time now. 91 degrees. coming up in the next half hour of "news 4 midday." you can find out how to make them on youtube. what some teens are finding out the hard way, how dangerous bottle bombs can be. plus, we will tell you why the president is promoting
11:27 am
investments in the electric vehicle battery industry. maryland governor, martin o'malley joins us this morning to talk jobs, immigration and his campaign to be reelected. chuck bell "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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akord cording to the prince george's county courtroom,
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delonte west has pleaded guilty to weapons charged and will be under electronic monitoring for 18 months and do community service and undergo psychological counseling. we have learned the name of a construction worker killed in an overnight accident in forestville. 27-year-old william davis died after getting caught between two dump trucks on the beltway. a new kind of kid prank that some say is funny but the consequences are no joking matter. natalie morales has details. >> reporter: they start as simple teen mischief, easy to make devices called bottle bombs. all kids need are some common household cleaners mixed in a plastic bottle and voila. they have posted thousands of
11:31 am
videos on line showing how to make them and blow them up for fun. >> to a teenage boy, that is very, very appealing. it would have a big, big aftereffect. >> so big, it destroyed your life. >> reporter: last spring, he was graduating at the top of his glass. an honor student, mvp football player and going to college. he discovered bottle bombs and thought they would be a harmless senior prank. >> it was a pick toral video that would show you how to do it. >> reporter: based on what you saw, did you see how dangerous they could be? >> the videos were done in public. my perception was, it wasn't too dangerous. >> reporter: hoping for some laughs, he set off some bottle bombs in school trash cans. the reaction was no joke. immediately, police and fire
11:32 am
were called in. the school went into lockdown. though no one was hurt, he was arrested and charged with multiple counts of felony bomb making. this straight "a" student with no record would spend the next five days in jail. >> i really didn't think it was that bad. >> reporter: to be book ed as a criminal in county jail, it is still a hard thing for you to live up to? it is a painful price. authorities say more and more teens are paying across the country. bottle bomb pranks are on the rise. in a post 9/11 world, no one is laughing. teenage mischief turning into felony charges. in austin texas, luke and four friends from this christian prep school were arrested as fell lons. ann arbor, michigan, 17-year-old duane cochran was caught on surveillance tape pulling a
11:33 am
bottle bomb prank at a local gas station. he was sentenced to a year in jail. >> i did receive a felony charge that would be the same as if we were to catch a terrorist with a bomb. >> reporter: massachusetts bomb investigator says that most kids think they are safe because there is no fire. when the ingredients are mixed in a bottle and sealed, they create a high pressure explosion of acid and scrhrapnel that cano off when you least expect it. >> the explosion can cause serious injury to your hands and face. the burning chemicals can also cause people to lose their eyesight. neighbors cannot believe -- >> i didn't expect to find something like that but it's everywhere. >> neighbors can't believe a secluded house on old washington road was operating as a brothel. five people were arrested in connection with a prostitution
11:34 am
ring. police raided this home on friday. they arrested the homeowner, 45-year-old patty tippett and her tenant. police say the two had at least three adults and a 17-year-old girl working there as prostitutes. the two posted bail. two northern virginia men are behind bars for carrying counterfeit cash that was oddly enough partially printed in spanish. prince william county police first discovered several of the bills on 30-year-old jose portia when they pulled him over for suspicion offer drunk driving. that led them to ronald virto. he had about $60 of the $100 bills. the bills are connected nor than 100 counterfeit cases. right now, a once popular diet drug is poised to make a comeback. here is a live look at an fda meeting in gaithersburg.
11:35 am
they are weighing a new pill called qunexa. it is a combination of two appetite suppress sants. it is considered safe but part of fen fen, a drug taken off the market years ago. if approved, it would be the first new weight loss drug in a decade. turning now to the forecast. we have been talking about hot and humid, steamy once again and no end in sight. >> those usually are choices in july. it's either raining and cool or sunny and hot. >> or rainy and not cool. >> or rainy and not cool, yeah. yesterday was very nice up until about 2:00 and the sun broke out and it went from cool and cumfy and damp outside to steamy and warm in almost no time at all. 84 at national airport. 84, fairfax and chantilly. 86 in manassas. clinton, maryland and buoy at 85 degrees. downtown baltimore, 87.
11:36 am
frederick, maryland rk, touchin1 degrees. looking down across downtown washington. no rain is showing up on the radar. we will be 100% dry for today and tomorrow. rain chances do start to sneak up just a little bit as you get into the weekend. current heat index values are already in the mid -90s in many spots. sunshine today. highs, 90 to 95. tomorrow's highs, between 92 and 97. jerry, only a slight chance of a few showers coming in. slow-going on the capital beltway. right side of your screen, the inner loop as we head to and beyond braddock road, construction there. travel lanes are opened. it is squeezed a little bit. quite a lot to look at as you travel from springfield towards i-66. if you are going down to the ocean, looking good. eastbound 50, no delays at the toll booth at the bay bridge. if you look out there, you see
11:37 am
traffic is moving along very nicely in both directions, as a matter of fact. there you go. time to get going, chuck. eun? >> thank you, jerry. right now, president obama is on his way to face a tough crowd. he will push his economic plan in michigan, where the unemployment rate is nearly 14%. tracie potts has more on what president obama is expected to say. >> reporter: today, president obama speaks at a new plant that will make batteries for electric cars. his message -- >> these are batteries made in america, built by americans that create jobs right here. >> reporter: up to 300, the white house says. even democrats say the recovery is too slow. >> it certainly is not as fast as we want. >> reporter: back home, a team trying to keep hope alive. >> the economic condition, they are working. they are working. >> the proof that the stimulus has not worked, where are the jobs? >> state and local government can cut another 400,000 jobs in the next year saying they
11:38 am
trimmed all the fat they can. >> you can't keep cutting programs you actually have to lay employees off. >> democrats say, enough with all the negativity. >> at some point, we have to join in and root for the home team. >> i wish the white house would root for the home team. >> congress seems deadlocked on unemployment benefits. they want president obama to focus on helping employers so they can create jobs. >> we are going to have a jobless recovery. >> to create jobs, president obama is reaching out for help. you saw billionaire, warren buffet there, president clinton was also at that white house meeting. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. at this week, the first public policy polling survey on the maryland governor's race. the survey of 569 maryland governor's shows martin o'malley leading robert ehrlich 45 to 52.
11:39 am
good morning, governor, thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> let's first talk about this campaign. you are neck and neck with bob ehrlich, your former owe poppon. >> we were neck and neck on the last election and ended up prevailing by six points. i believe the issue then was the same now, that is, will we have a governor who is on our side to defend, strengthen and grow the ranks of maryland's middle class? we have come off of three months in a row of positive job creation. we have seen our unemployment go down to 7.1%. make no mistake about it on that, every family, every business person, every mom and dad in maryland, has gone through three of the toughest economic years our country has seen since the great depression. we are starting to come out of it. we need to continue to move forward and not back. >> the first tv ads of the campaign have come out. what's different this time around for you. is the same opponent but the state has changed.
11:40 am
you are talking about the economic problems. how is your campaign going to be difficulty? the environment in which all of us have been fighting to move our state forward is a very challenging environment. we have had to make a lot of tough choices. we have cut our state government by $5.6 billion. we have, nonetheless, been able to achief some nation-leezading progress. we expect leaders to be good leaders in tough times, to make the tough decisions and make the cuts necessary while protecting the important things that allow working families in maryland to get ahead and hopefully create a better future for their children and their children's children. >> let's change subjects to an issue getting national attention. immigration laws, virginia and eight other states have sided with arizona and their law on immigration. they are filing a lawsuit against that controversial
11:41 am
immigration issue. only our federal government can protect our borders. i believe we need immigration reform and i believe that local and state police departments need to focus on public safety within our borders. i think the arizona law creates a very dangerous precedent for requiring all citizens to have to carry immigration papers, proof of status, documentation, or face being detained for no other reason but that. i think it really kicks the door open to racial profiling and the potential for detentions prior or without real probable cause. i think one of the best things we have as a country is the diversity of people that come together in this place to make a better way forward. that's what we enjoy in maryland. i think we need to be -- remember that there are new americans coming to our shores all the time in every generation. they become americans.
11:42 am
we need to figure out a way for people to play by the rules and apply for citizenship. we need to do a much better job of protecting our borders so you don't have states, whether it is arizona or anyone else, diverting their police from public safety to immigration services. >> let's talk about jobs. >> you mentioned job growth in your state and you announced a plan to create and maintain green jobs. >> it is really exciting. the pace of job creation and clean tech and green tech, new technologies and reducing energy consumption. all of these things have been creating jobs at a rate of growth that's twice what the national job growth rate is. here in maryland, because we have such a highly skilled workforce, because we have so much research and development going on and federal institutions as well as private companies, we have the opportunity to make this a huge part of this sector and, you know, it is not all important discoveries in labs. they are the construction workers. far too many are out of work right now. we could get them back to work by increasing energy consumption
11:43 am
and employing technologies that we already know work and doing that in our commercial buildings throughout this state, helps the environment and get people back to work. we must have had about 400 people there as we laid out a vision for how maryland can attract and grow and keep what we have so it can create more opportunities for more families. >> maryland still faces a $2 billion budget short fall. west virginia is rolling out hollywood casinos. maryland doesn't have slots. do you feel like you missed an opportunity? >> there will be the first one finally open in cecil county come october and another one on the eastern shore by the end of this year. we are one of only eight states that still defends the aaa bond rating, a seal of approval of fiscal responsibility. we have made tough decisions, big cuts. we have been able to protect our
11:44 am
priorities. that aaa bond rating was affirmed just yesterday. every year, we have been struggling with this recession. fortunately, we made the tough decisions up front so that maryland could weather this storm and come out of it ahead of other states, which we are starting to do. >> maryland governor, martin o'malley, thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you. are you hosting a barbecue today? it's a good day to do that. it's going to be hot and humid. still ahead on "news 4 midday," the sfok markets sent a winning streak, ran into some resistance yesterday. we will take a look at this morning's latest numbers. plus, a look at some of the areas roof top restaurants and
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11:47 am
new applications for unemployment benefits fell sharply last week. good morning to you. it is kind of a frustrating day for traders. we have gotten quite a bit of good news. the dow is still lower, down by about 80 points. the nasdaq and s&p 500 are lower. asia was down overnight. china's red hot growth may be cooling. europe, somewhat mixed today. we got these first-time claims for unemployment benefits. they fell 29,000 last week to 429,000. that's the lowest level since august of 2008. it is not enough to trim the markets. they fell half a% in june. that's the third straight month of declines. prices increased by .10 of a
11:48 am
percent. more than 1 million homeowners could lose their house to foreclosure this year. they work through a huge backlog of people behind on their payments. on average, it takes about 15 months for mortgages to go from being 30 days late and the house being foreclosed and sold. they say if the economy doesn't worsen, it could take them until 2013 to get through the foreclosures that they already have on their books as of now. families may shell out a bit more during this year's back to school shopping season. that's according to the national retail federation. they are projecting that each family will spend about 11% more than last year to an average.
11:49 am
it is the second most important time for retailers after the holidays. if you have been out and about, you have seen the sales. >> that means summer is almost over. >> thanks, courtney. >> thank you. today we want to tell you about a project that like wednesday's child helps final permanent, loving homes for children. the hope is seeing a simple photograph might catch your eye and make you think about adopting. news 4's barbara harrison, has our story. this is paris. her photograph is one of many that hang in the heart gallery, a traveling exhibits of close-ups of children in foster care awaiting adoption. >> it is a phenomenon that started in the west and has moved across the country. we are one of the most successful. >> the fred ddie mac sought a foundation of a gallery as a way to give children a way to find homes. >> we have used wonderful
11:50 am
photographers who have brought the heart and soul of these kids to light in these photographs. these aren't your typical school photographs. >> reporter: one of the first volunteer photographers was mary ann weibel. >> he called me knowing that i love to photograph children, the beauty and the sparkle in the eyes in dhichildren and the hop and love in every child is amazing to me. a lot of the children who i have photographed in foster care have never or rarely had their picture taken. one of the things that really makes a difference of photographing these kids is this. i show them the camera and here is what you look like. when they see a picture they like, suddenly, their whole demeanor changes and you can see the twinkle in their eye and an immediate change in their sense of self-esteem and their sense of self. >> they are featured in government buildings, corporate lobbies, community sen tcenterse
11:51 am
we know there will be a lot of potential adoptive parents. >> they have been featured in the heart gallery. over 40 have been adopted. like kim, when that happens, the photograph gets a very special sign. placed. what that really means is that a child has found a plays in someone's home and heart forever. barbara harrison, news 4 for wednesday's child. the heart gallery will be on display at children's national medical center until july 30th. for more information, call our adoption hotline at 1-88toadoptme. a look at the eastern shore
11:52 am
11:53 am
11:54 am
the weather is warm and a great time to check out some rooftop restaurants, plenty of outdoor seating. >> this is one of the hottest things to do in washington in the summer. so many new bars have opened. one of the ones in washington and downtown washington is donovan house. this really got going last year. this year, it is now firmly
11:55 am
entrench inned the roof top bar season. monday, free to everyone. anyone can walk in. thursday nights, one thursday a month is a party with great d.j.s. they have free food early in the night. always something going on. it is every last thursday of the month. to get in, you do have to get on a list. you have to facebook rsvp. there are lots of other ones to take note of. it is a great time to hit a roof top. the double tree hotel has tree top tropical thursdays. there is free food, free admission and the real catch is there is a pool on the roof top. lots of people bring their bathing suits and get in. >> that does sound like a party. if it is too hot, you can get away. lots of people pass easton,
11:56 am
maryland. it is one of the towns that is cute but there hasn't been much to stop in and check out. now, in the last couple of years, lots of 30 somethings have moved in. the bartlett pear in has gotten great reviews. lots of music scene including the night cat and a new plays called the stolt listening room. it is bringing a lot of people in out of town. >> how far is the drive? >> 30 miles past the bay bridge, kind of a stop on the way. >> very nice. finally, what's in roslyn? >> it is the film festival, a movie festival all about old, silent funny films, the charlie chaplain, albert costello films. it starts today. tonight, there are some great, rare shorts from the 1920s. tickets are about $16 for a half
11:57 am
day of screening. for a full day, if you want to call in sick tomorrow and go, it is $30. >> always funny. thank you so much. lavonia, for more ideas, logon to around town section of or the going out guide on "the washington post".com. let's get a look at some of the stories we are following for news 4. pat lawson muse joins us in the "newsroom" with a preview of things to come. hi, pat. >> how are you? >> nice to see you. thank you. coming up this afternoon on "news 4 at 4:00." we will have the lastest on the delonte west we have been following. >> in the battle of the smart phones, there is a new phone that's hitting store shelves. we will tell you what separates it from the competition. at 5:00 tonight, vice president dick cheney is recovering from heart surgery last week. a local woman who underwent a similar operation and what she has to say about her road to recovery.
11:58 am
those stories tonight and all the latest news starting on "news 4 at 4:00." eun? >> thank you so much. that does it for "news 4 midday." thanks for joining us. be sure to tune in to daily connecon at 2:00 and for "news 4 at 4:00," 5:00, and 6:00. join us tomorrow. have a great day! see you tomorrow.
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